I offer four main services below, all for a low monthly fee. Most digital marketers charge thousands of dollars a month, but I don't work like that. I’m confident I can help your business for only a couple hundred dollars a month.

Instagram Management

These days, Instagram is just too popular to be overlooked. I can get your content in front of very targeted demographics. Using geolocation tagging, and targeted engagement, I interact with specific people in your area. I have the ability to engage with users by location and interests organically, which is nearly impossible to do on other platforms like Facebook and Google. I can build you a following of users that are located around your business and show interest in your niche. Your Instagram page will become a tool that gives you the ability to send out a picture or video advertising your business to thousands of people in your area instantly. 

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook ad campaigns  are  the most cost effective way to market online to highly targeted  audiences. With over 2.3 billion active users, Facebook is the go-to platform to reach almost any type of person in the world. Facebook tracks the demographics and interests of users in a way that  allows advertisers to target super specific audiences that convert the best for their business.  For exotic car dealerships, I can target users ages 30-40 within 10 miles of the dealership that are interested in sports cars, or for a vet, I can target cat owners  who have recently searched for a vet in their specific city. 

LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

The opportunity to advertise to targeted users on LinkedIn is revolutionary for B2B companies. Getting your message in front of the decision makers at your target companies is not only possible, but very affordable with LinkedIn ad campaigns. This type of advertising is perfect for businesses that sell to audiences that might not be very active on Instagram or Facebook, but are on LinkedIn and other related websites online. 

Email Marketing

I help companies with email marketing in two ways. First, I can help companies grow their email list so they have an extremely powerful marketing asset, and  I  then manage  that email list for them. Across all forms of online marketing, email still has the highest conversion rate when it comes to getting customers to make a purchase. So many companies have large email lists, but they are not being managed correctly.  If you have an email list and you aren't getting at least a few clients from it every single month, it’s probably not getting the attention it deserves.  If you don't have a large email list, you are missing a huge opportunity to acquire new customers and increase the lifetime value of existing customers by letting me guide your email marketing efforts. 

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