Case Studies

Keep On Learning Daily Email Campaign

Sam Shukla is an online entrepreneur that owns multiple large Instagram accounts including @keeponleanrigndaily with over 270K followers. Sam developed a digital product to teach others specific skills and he hired me to help with his email marketing efforts. I wrote sales copy and created content on a weekly basis for the email campaign. The average open rate for this campaign was 8% above the industry standard. The industry average click through rate is 2.48%, but during this campaign we had an average click through rate of more than 4.3%. The goal of this several month long campaign was to create an engaged email list and to sell digital products to Sam’s audience. I was able to keep Sam’s audience engaged with multiple emails every week and convert several readers into paying customers. 


“It was great when Harry managed my list. It really helped me grow and build a strong relationship with the reader with daily emails. Would definitely recommend his services to anyone.”  -Sam Shukla Owner of Keep on Learning Daily

Threads and Laces Instagram Management and Facebook Ads

Threads and Laces is a local event company that hosts collectible clothing conventions around the Houston area. I was tasked with using social media marketing to raise awareness about the event and get attendees through the door. In just a few short months I grew their Instagram following into the thousands and working with the Co-Owner, Rees Risoli, we were able to launch an extremely effective Facebook ad campaign. We ultimately moved over 500 tickets online completely through Instagram and Facebook advertising and ended the campaign well under budget. Reaching a young audience that was interested in collectible clothing in the Houston area through Instagram and Facebook was very effective, whereas traditional marketing would have been more expensive and less targeted, meaning their message might not have hit the right people, had we not used social media. On the day of the event hundreds of clothing collectors attended 100% due to the Instagram and Facebook campaigns. 


"Harry couldn't have done a better job of attracting the right crowd. His vast knowledge and skill with each social media platform is the main reason why we exceeded out ticket sales goals. He will definitely be the hardest worker on your team and probably the friendliest as well." - Rees Risoli Co-Owner of Threads and Laces

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